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The Jones Law Firm provides the compassionate and understanding legal representation you are looking for.  Whether you are facing the loss of a home, a financial crisis, or disability, we are here to help.  A. Lori Jones, Esq. has assisted individuals for several years not only as an attorney, but as a friend.  She understands the special relationship between an attorney and client and has devoted her practice to assisting individuals in their darkest time of need.

Legal issues are always difficult to manage on your own.  Avoid stress and anxiety by allowing The Jones Law Firm to assist you with your legal matters.  Having competent, compassionate and understanding legal counsel comforting and exciting.  Do not lose hope thinking your situation is beyond help.  Call today for a free consultation (843) 492-7722.

Ready for a new start?  The legal services provided by our office assists individuals in obtaining a new lease on life, whether it be through eliminating old debt, obtaining legal status in the United States, ending a tumultuous relationship or obtaining financial and medical benefits through disability.  Many legal issues require immediate advice and assistance.  Do not delay in calling for advice to avoid missing life-altering deadlines and benefits.

What areas of law do we handle?  Lori Jones handles legal issues in the following areas:

In South Carolina:

– Chapter 7
– Chapter 13
– Chapter 11

In Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia:

– Social Security Disability
– VA Disability

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Many consultations can be done over the telephone with no need for an appointment outside of your home.  If you prefer a visit at your home, Lori Jones will come to you for your legal needs.  Evening and Weekend appointments are available  to meet the demands of a busy work schedule.  Get the assistance you need and find rest for your future.

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